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1st release – 32€ incl. all fees – SOLD OUT
2nd release – 36€ incl. all fees – ON SALE
3rd release – 40€ incl. all fees
4th release – 44€ incl. all fees
5th release – 48€ incl. all fees
VIP Tickets – will be put on sale in upcoming weeks. You can always upgrade your standard ticket to VIP ticket.





Imagination is the biggest bass music & harder styles festival in Czech Republic. Imagination offers combination of modern electronic musical genres and unique audiovisual experience on 2 stages! Prepare for 10 hours long rave with more than 20 international headliners. In previous years Imagination won 1st and 2nd place in Czech Drum & Bass Awards in category “Indoor party of the year” (also beaten famous Let It Roll festival). Enjoy the best from actual world scene in the heart of Europe! We are looking forward to see you!


Festival will take a place in huge halls of Expo PVA Prague, Letňany.


Q: Could I buy the tickets at the evening box office?
A: Tickets are always available at the doors from 7PM.

Q:  Is there a timetable for all DJs?
A: Timetable will be released one week prior to the event. But it’s quite easy to guess as dnb mainstage is going from deep & liquid funk through mainstream drum & bass to neurofunk and dark drum & bass, harder styles mainstage is going from euphoric hardstyle towards mainstream and raw, all over to hardcore, uptempo and frenchcore.

Q:  Are there enough parking spaces? Could we park there all night long?
A:  Parking is available in the area of expo prague for free. It’s also possible to park on P+R parkings in the suburbs like Letnany / Prosek or Dejvice and go to the party by underground few stations. Underground train works from 5 AM till 00 AM, so you should be leave the festival after 5 AM. Find out more info in our info & travel section.

Q: Can i pay in €?
A: Yes.

Q: What is your vision?
A: Imagination focuses on the die-hard party people from all over the world. We are breaking the boundaries between all sub-genres which we represent and try to keep atmosphere darker and harder with every upcoming hour.

Q: How is it with prices at Imagination?
A: Beer 0.5l is for less than 2€ on the bars, vodka / jager / gin / rum shots for 3€ . It’s cheap in Czech Republic.


Imagination Festival was found in spring 2012 in Prague. The first party was held in garages of Prague Congress Centre at Vysehrad. We have hosted 2 editions (drum & bass edition and harder styles edition) in March and April 2012. 1500 visitors have enjoyed the first festival experience and we couldn’t resist making next edition which took a place at 2 pavilions of Prague Expo, Holesovice. More than 10 international headliners came to perform and a number of visitors raised to 3000. Third Imagination Festival took a place already in 3 pavilions of Expo Prague, Holesovice. Almost 5000 visitors and more than 20 international headliners participated on this edition. In 2014 we have decided to move our festival to the two big halls in Expo Letnany, Prague where we presented two huge design stages. More than 6000 visitors enjoyed the best from drum & bass and harder styles music genres represented by 25 international headliners. On 2015 we have presented the first open-air festival called Exploration at Lake Oplatil, Stare Zdanice. Family atmosphere and astounding response convinced us to continue in this project in 2016, which was held in Svojsice, Czech Republic. Imagination 2015 took place in 4 pavilions of Expo Prague, Holesovice once again and in 2016 we have presented moving stage design on the first mainstage & Mayan temple decoration on the second main stage. Imagination was nearly sold out, which convinced us to stay in the venue in 2017 and finally become sold out once again. In 5 years we have grown bigger than we have ever expected. In 2017, Imagination set out on a space odyssey on Drum & bass Stage and a desert journey in a relentless buggy on hardstyle/hardcore Devastator Stage. We introduced interprets such as Pendulum, Headhunterz, Da Tweekaz and many others. The most powerful year was almost sold out in Holešovice and forced us to move back to the huge Expo PVA in Letňany. We can’t wait for another edition, which will introduce a huge line up once again.

See you soon on next edition of Imagination Festival – 24.11.2018 in Expo PVA Prague!


Angerfist /nl/, Pendulum /au/, Headhunterz /nl/, Noisia /nl/, Noisecontrollers /nl/, Wilkinson /uk/, Modestep /uk/, Zatox /it/, Netsky /be/, Sigma /uk/, Brennan Heart /nl/, Miss K8 /ukr/, Ed Rush /uk/, Da Tweekaz /no/, Black Sun Empire /nl/, Psyko Punkz /nl/, Noize Suppressor /it/, Delta Heavy /uk/, Dj Marky /bra/, Day-Mar /nl/, Dj Mad Dog /it/, Tha Playah /nl/, Calyx & Teebee /uk/, Dimension /uk/, Art Of Fighters /it/, Adaro /nl/, Loadstar /uk/, Rene LaVice /can/, Tobias Luke /ger/, Audio /uk/, Mefjus /at/, State Of Mind /nz/, Maduk /nl/, Hybrid Minds /uk/, LNY TNZ /nl/, The Outside Agency /nl/, Emperor /uk/, The Upbeats /nz/,  Dr. Peacock /nl/, Dj Aphrodite /uk/, Viper xxl /ger/, Gridlok /us/, Limewax /nl/, Macky Gee /uk/, The Sickest Squad /it/, Drokz /nl/, David Moleon /esp/, Deetox /nl/, Maztek /it/, June Miller /nl/, The Braindrillerz /it/, Telekinesis /slo/, Gancher & Ruin /ru/, Anime /it/, Pythius /nl/, I:Gor /pl/, In-Phase /be/, Jan Fleck /ger/, Technicolour /uk/, Agressor Bunx /ukr/, Katharsys /fr/, Zombie Cats /ger/, Feint /uk/, Neonlight /ger/, Noisekick /nl/, Hallucinator /it/, Optical /uk/, Dj A.M.C. /uk/, Rebourne /nl/, The Panacea /ger/, Tantrum Desire /uk/, Dub Elements /esp/, Blokhe4d /uk/, Mistabishi Live /uk/, Lowroller /it/, The Clamps /uk/, NickBee /uk/,Futurebound /uk/, Mc Coppa /uk/, Igoa /ger/, Peter Kurten /be/, Cause 4 Concern /uk/, Sinister Souls /nl/, L.a.o.s. /fin/, D-Tox /it/, Deep Focus /uk/, MC Tha Watcher /nl/, MC No-ID /nl/, MC Dave Revan /nl/, MC Dv8 /nl/, Forbidden Society /cz/, Hungry Beats /cz/, B-Complex /sk/, L-Plus /sk/, Enhancer /sk/, Golpe /cz/, Moptron & Zenon /pl/, A-Cray /cz/, Madface /cz/, Rido /cz/, Pixie /cz/, No Money /cz/, Computerartist /cz/, Qo /cz/, N:Force /cz/, Aze /cz/, George Crusher /cz/, Psychical Research /cz/, Hanzall /cz/, Heavy Noizes /sk/, Maicuss /cz/, Gasmask 71 /cz/, The Freaks /sk/, Blofeld /cz/, B.Unq /cz/, Theya /cz/, Snookey /cz/, Dave.lxr /cz/, Beast 67 /cz/, Penza /cz/, Pwp /cz/, Dark Wizard /cz/, Membrain /cz/, Mollie Collins /uk/




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Festival site can be found on the final station of the underground line “C” (red color) called “LETNANY”. Central bus station and central train station are both on the route “C”, just get in the right direction. From airport take Airport Express bus to the center of Prague and then switch to the underground / or take a taxi to the center for approximately 700 czk (30 eur) – never pay more than 28 czk per 1km. Parking for cars is accessible at the festival site for free.

GPS: 50°7’41.662″N, 14°30’51.679″E

Are you interested in making an official bus party? Please write us to info@imaginationfestival.cz for more info.


Merchandise from last editions is available to purchase at DNB STORE. This year’s merchandise will be uncovered few weeks before the festival.