About the festival

Imagination is the largest domestic festival focusing on drum & bass and harder styles. The festival offers a combination of modern electronic music genres and a unique audiovisual experience on two stages. During the night, many internationally acclaimed projects will always perform on unique stages. Every year, this festival occupies the first places in the Czech Drum & Bass Awards in the category of indoor event of the year. Enjoy the best of the current world electronic scene right in the heart of Europe.


Imagination appeared on the Czech dance scene in the spring of 2012. The event in the garages in Vyšehrad was divided into two parts (drum & bass and harder styles part) and was attended by over 1,500 visitors. The continuation of the event has already been hosted by two Křižík pavilions of the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice. There were 10 foreign performers, the attendance was over three thousand people. The third Imagination, which took place this time in three Křižík pavilions at the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice, was visited by less than five thousand visitors and over 20 foreign performers. In 2014, the organizers announced the move from Holešovice to the Prague Exhibition Grounds in Letňany. In 2014, the Imagination Festival presented two huge design stages with visualization and a light show and more than 25 foreign performers. According to estimates, the festival welcomed more than 6,000 visitors from all over Europe. In 2015, Imagination returned to the Exhibition Grounds in Holešovice, where it again presented 3 stages and names such as Netsky, Angerfist, Brennan Heart and dozens of others. In 2016, Imagination introduced for the first time a moving stage design and a variable drum & bass stage, an intra for all DJs and also the backdrop of the Mayan temple on the second main stage. In 2017, Imagination embarked on a space odyssey on a drum & bass stage and a desert journey in a ruthless buggy on the hardstyle / hardcore Devastator. Names like Pendulum, Headhunterz, Da Tweekaz and many others performed here. The strongest year almost sold out Holešovice. In 2018, we moved the festival back to the PVA Exhibition Center in Prague’s Letňany. Thanks to the space available at Letňany Exhibition Grounds, we can offer visitors sufficient comfort, a new and better stage design, and a huge line up. The festival returned to Letňany in 2019, when we welcomed the strongest drum & bass lineup in the festival’s history, led by the legendary Noisia, and after a one-year hiatus caused by the covid pandemic also in year 2021. In the following year, after 7 years, Spor honored us with his visit together with the very popular duo Camo & Krooked and many others. Now we are preparing the 2023 edition for you.



Netsky /be/, Headhunterz /nl/, Angerfist /nl/, Pendulum /au/, Noisia /nl/, Noisecontrollers /nl/, Wilkinson /uk/, Modestep /uk/, Zatox /it/, Sigma /uk/, Brennan Heart /nl/, Miss K8 /ukr/, Ed Rush /uk/, Da Tweekaz /no/, Black Sun Empire /nl/, Psyko Punkz /nl/, Noize Suppressor /it/, Delta Heavy /uk/, Dj Marky /bra/, Day-Mar /nl/, Dj Mad Dog /it/, Tha Playah /nl/, Calyx & Teebee /uk/, Dimension /uk/, Art Of Fighters /it/, Adaro /nl/, Loadstar /uk/, Rene LaVice /can/, Audio /uk/, Mefjus /at/, State Of Mind /nz/, Maduk /nl/, Hybrid Minds /uk/, LNY TNZ /nl/, The Outside Agency /nl/, Emperor /uk/, Evil Activities /nl/, Gunz for Hire /nl/, Celtic /nl/, Sefa /nl/, Atmozfears /nl/, Koven /uk/, Muzzy /uk/, Technoboy /i/, Tuneboy /i/, Lady Dammage /s/, F. Noize /i/, Regain /pl/, Phuture Noize /nl/, Zardonic /ve/, The Upbeats /nz/, Dr. Peacock /nl/, Dj Aphrodite /uk/, Viper xxl /ger/, Gridlok /us/, Limewax /nl/, Macky Gee /uk/, The Sickest Squad /it/, Drokz /nl/, Teddy Killerz /ru, ua/, Psiko /fr/, Document One /uk/, DJ Guv /uk/, Levela /uk/, Demi Kanon /nl/, Delete /nl/, Deadly Guns /nl/, Current Value /de/, David Moleon /esp/, Deetox /nl/, Maztek /it/, June Miller /nl/, The Braindrillerz /it/, Annix /uk/, Estasia /nl/, Telekinesis /slo/, Gancher & Ruin /ru/, Anime /it/, Pythius /nl/, I: Gor /pl/, In-Phase /be/, Jan Fleck /ger/, Technicolor /uk/, Agressor Bunx /ukr/, Mollie Collins /uk/, Mandy /be/, Gydra /ru/, The Prototypes /uk/, 3RDKND /cz, fr, uk/, Katharsys /fr/, Zombie Cats /ger/, Feint /uk/, Neonlight /ger/, Noisekick /nl/, Hallucinator /it/, Optical /uk/, Dj AMC /uk/, Rebourne /nl/, The Panacea /ger/, Caine /nl/, GPF /nl/, Tantrum Desire /uk/, Dub Elements /esp/, Blokhe4d /uk/, Mistabishi Live /uk/, Lowroller /it/, Eatbrain League /h, bg, ua/, Neuropunk squad /ru, ua/, The Clamps /uk/, NickBee /uk/, Futurebound /uk/, Mc Coppa /uk/, Igoa /ger/, Peter Kurten /be/, Cause 4 Concern /uk/, Sinister Souls /nl/, Laos /fin/, D-Tox /it/, Tobias Luke /ger/, Inner Heat /nl/, Six Blade /uk/, Bensley /ca/, Destructive Tendencies /uk/, Andy the Core /it/, Deep Focus /uk/, MC Tha Watcher /nl/, MC No-ID /nl/, MC Dave Revan /nl/, MC Dv8 /nl/, MC Ruffian /nl/, Synergy /ru/, Andromedik /be/, Camo & Krooked /at/, Spor /uk/, Prolix /uk/, Redpill /fr/, Mandidextrous /uk/, Frequencerz /nl/, B-Front /nl/, E-Force /nl/, Bloodlust /nl/, N-Vitral /nl/, Floxytek /fr/

Supported by local acts: Forbidden Society /cz/, Hungry Beats /cz/, B-Complex /sk/, L-Plus /sk/, Enhancer /sk/, Golpe /cz/, Symplex /cz/, Holotrope /cz/ , Moptron & Zenon /pl/, A-Cray /cz/, Madface /cz/, Rido /cz/, Pixie /cz/, No Money /cz/, Computerartist /cz/, Qo /cz/, N: Force /cz/, Aze /cz/, George Crusher /cz/, Psychical Research /cz/, Hanzall /cz/, Heavy Noizes /sk/, Maicuss /cz/, Gasmask 71 /cz/, The Freaks /sk/, Blofeld /cz/, B.Unq /cz/, Theya /cz/, Snookey /cz/, Dave.lxr /cz/, Beast 67 /cz/, Penza /cz/, Pwp /cz/, Dark Wizard /cz/, Membrain /cz/, Akira Deadly /cz/, Bifidus Aktif /cz/, DJ Suki /cz/, Mejsi /cz/, Hatom /cz/, Manene /cz/, Crane /cz/, Sixtas /cz/, Mindjacker /cz/, Uplifter /sk/, Zigi ZC /cz/, , Rob2Speed /sk/

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