Join Our Ambassador Program

We’ve partnered with SocialLadder to manage our Imagination Ambassador Program. 

We’re looking for talented and passionate people to join the Imagination team and help spread the word. 

How It Works

  1. Join the Ambassador Program

  2. Earn Points by Completing Challenges 

  3. Use Points for Rewards

Challenges: Promoting on social media and spreading the word for Imagination.

Rewards: Admission, sneak peaks, merch and more!

Join the Team

Download the SocialLadder App

Use Invitation Code “IMAGINATION

Join on Android

Join on Apple

Now let’s get to work!

Getting Started

1) Download the SocialLadder app from the App Store or Google Play



2) Link your social media accounts to SocialLadder

You get additional points for each account connected

3) Enter the invitation code “IMAGINATION” and hit done

How do I earn rewards?

Start by selecting Challenges from the menu

Check back frequently as new challenges are added regularly

Turn ON Notifications to be alerted when new challenges become available to earn more points.

Challenges include: Promoting on social media, engaging with posts, and answering survey questions.

Each challenge has specific instructions and points associated

What can I get with my points?

Select Rewards from the menu to see what rewards are available

Rewards include: Admission, sneak peaks, merch and more!

Select a category to explore different Rewards

You can get your reward once they unlock!

Once you redeem a
reward, you’ll receive an
email with more details!

New Rewards are added regularly.

Click into each reward for details and to claim once it is unlocked

Additional Info

Home Screen

You can see your score and interact with your friends and other ambassadors.


Your main navigation hub is found in the top left corner of the App.

Feed: You can see your score and interact with your friends and other ambassadors. 

Points: Review your current score and how you rank amongst other ambassadors.  

Rewards: Explore and select the Rewards you’d like to redeem with the points you’ve heard from challenges. 

Challenges: Explore and complete Challenges to earn points and redeem rewards.

More: Change your name, email and city. You can also sync your social media and turn ON notifications.


All issues and questions will be addressed within the SocialLadder app.