Hereby we unveil a complete line up with all the invited artists! There will be present names such as Pendulum, Headhunterz (36th in djmag poll), exclusive versus set of legends – Black Sun Empire vs. State Of Mind, Da Tweekaz (71st Djmag Poll), Miss K8 (88th in the Djmag Poll), incredible Delta Heavy and dozens more! Imagination will offer three stages in the four halls of the Exhibition Grounds in Prague’s Holesovice on November 24, 2017.      

Imagination Drum & Bass Mainstage #1

1Imag Imagination Mainstage #1 will introduce names such as legendary Pendulum, Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Delta Heavy, Venezuelan Zardonic, exclusive versus set of Maztek with Gridlok or talented Canadian newcomer Bensley. Furthermore, you can look forward the interprets like Document One, Hallucinator, A-Cray and Madface.  

Devastator Harder Styles Mainstage #2

4Devastator Devastator Mainstage #2 is bringing you the most famous Dutch hardstyle DJ who has announced a return to the scene – Headhunterz, queen of hardcore Miss K8, hardstyle duo Da Tweekaz, Italian hardcore legend Noize Suppressor, Polish raw hardstyle project Regain and uptempo DJ Estasia. On this stage be prepared for more hardstyle and hardcore interprets such as Destructive Tendencies, Phuture Noize, exclusive versus set of The Sickest Squad and Hungry Beats, Manene and Mindjacker vs. Mejsi. Stage will be hosted by MC Tha Watcher.  

Knockout F#ck Genres Stage #3


The last but not the least is Knockout Stage #3 where you will be more than welcome to enjoy jump up stars as DJ Guv and Levela, British drum & bass duo Annix, Mollie Collins, Mattiv, neurofunk killers from Zombie Cats, Rido and exclusive versus set of Donny with Forbidden Society.  In the darkest hours, we will welcome the infamous French dark drum & bass act – Katharsys. Stage will be hosted by MC Coppa.   TICKETS ARE ON SALE IN GOOUT NETWORK FOR 48 € including the fee – BUY TICKETS Packages with hotels are available on FESTICKET OFFICIAL FACEBOOK EVENT 1_imagination-final-lineup-insta Aftermovie from Imagination Festival 2016: See you when you get there! IMI DANCE