When you hear the words Imagination Festival, what music venue comes to your mind?

Some of you will certainly think of the great times in Expo in Holešovice where the festival started, but some of you will think of the great hall in Letňany. Those will forever have a special place in our hearts and we are very happy to return to that venue for the third time in a row.

This year the Imagination Festival will take place on Friday, November 20 and for the great halls of the PVA EXPO we have prepared an even more amazing line up for you which will cover the best of the current international and local music scene. The line up will be complemented by the unique stage design, audiovisual show and a spacious venue, in which you can traditionally look forward to great comfort and unforgettable festival experience.

One of the biggest advantages of PVA EXPO is its high ceilings. Does it seem like an unnecessary fact to you? It is not because thanks to them we can afford to build the highest possible stages for you, which we regularly decorate with the most interesting design. Moreover, the width of the halls themselves allows us to build the stage not only as high as possible but also as wide as possible. A huge stage deserves a huge place, don’t you agree? The size of the venue also affects the sound of individual stages that don’t clash and the facilities for visitors. For those, we are traditionally preparing both indoor and outdoor spaces for chill and relax with friends, cloakroom and locker boxes, and good quality of toilets.

The tickets pre-sale have launched via GoOut and you can now get your tickets for 759 CZK including all fees on our website



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