We can’t believe that Imagination Festival 2019 is over. On Friday, we’ve broken the boundaries of our Imagination and travelled into the world of Drum & Bass and Harder Styles for the tenth time already! Thank you for your immense support that you’ve blessed us with this year and for an amazing festival that we’ve enjoyed together till the morning light!

 The feedback of all artists performing this year is more than positive and after that, everyone went speechless. Even Noisia seemed like they might re-think their decision to say goodbye to the dance scene. We’ve also pleased the Harder Styles fans because besides of the great line up, we gave them a first glimpse of their holy ground that is the forthcoming @devastator hall 2020.  Once again, thank you very much and we will see you soon at one of the next events:

13. 12.  2019 – NETSKY

24. 01.2020 – DROP THAT WINTER MADNESS 2020

25. 01. 2020 – HOSPITALITY PRAGUE 2020

28. & 29. 02. 2020 – LET IT ROLL WINTER 2020

27. 03. 2020 – DEVASTATOR HALL 2020

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