Imagination Festival 2021: Harder Styles stage

In the middle of November the big halls of PVA EXPO Letňany venue will greet all the fans of hard & bass music as usual at Imagination Festival 2021. And Devastator stage will yet again represent the best of Harder Styles. Aside from the spectacular design stage made specifically for the fans of the hard electronic music you can look forward to a phenomenal lineup unlike any other before in the festival’s history. So let’s take a closer look.

The whole night will kick off with a special oldschool set delivered by Crane & Sixtas. They will present in their true showcasing fashion loved by the local diehards. Making his premiere in PVA Expo after them will be Korty, another local soldier known especially for his livestreams from the dark times without live events.


The first foreign headliner is no one else than Frontliner, the melody man himself, coming to the Czech Republic for the first time ever. Anthems such as “Halos”, Symbols” or Loud” put him in position of the leading melodic-focused Hardstyle producer on the scene. He’s not sleeping on his throne though and constantly puts out fresh music so we’ll get an energetic hour of quality Euphoric Hardstyle.


The Italian sweetheart of the local crowd Zatox wouldn’t miss this for the world. Since his last performance here he’s been very prolific and was constantly satisfying his hungry fans with fresh music. Tracks like “Im on Faya”, Wolves”, Deep Inside” or 50 Shades” are constantly keeping him on top of all Hardstyle charts despite the dark times we find ourselves in. It’s only right to celebrate the return to normal with him waving the flag.


For the first time ever we’ll get a local producer performing in between the foreign starts. We’re obviously talking about the Slovakian’s finest Hatom, who took our breath away with his insane set at Devastator Hall in September. His signature sound and superb performances got him a special place on the lineup of Imagination Festivalu 2021. There will be no holds barred for Hatom.


The prime time of the Devastator stage belongs to the ruthless king of brutal Raw Hardstyle, Radical Redemption. He’s coming back to the Czech Republic after 7 long years. In the meantime he’s released 4 albums and conquered the world. We can’t wait to hear his signature sharp and brutal sound which secured him the place on the world’s biggest stages such as Defqon, Qlimax, Supremacy and many others. He’s also made a name for himself with the Brutal “saga”, currently celebrating it’s 9th edition as well as with collaborations with the likes of Angerfist, Yellow Claw, Crypsis, Frontliner, D-Sturb and many more.


But Devastator is not just about Hardstyles, we love other Harder Styles subgenres, too! Thanks to that on 19th November we get to enjoy also the faster pace of Hardcore. The queen herself, the Italian producer AniMe, is coming down to represent all the hard women as she’s coming back to Imagination Festival after 5 years. Her performance are always full of unparalleled energy and heavy kicks.


A man who needs no introduction, Sefa, is bringing the local crowd’s favorite Frenchore. This young and insanely talented producer has already conquered all the landmarks of Harder Styles such as producing the anthem for Defqon 1 or collaborating on the first ever Harder Styles movie Qlimax The Source, for which he made the “Omega” single. Since his last performance here he’s worked with the likes of Phuture Noize, Outsiders or Dr. Peacock. Their mutual effort yielded a four-track EP.


Another very specific name representing the faster subgenres of Harder Styles is Billx. His music journey from Tekno through Psytrance to Frenchore gave him a lot of inspiration and a truly unique approach to music. An uncommon creativity of his can be heard in the tracks like Pagan Totem” or Tree of Life”, which bring a whole new level of energy to the dancefloors all across Europe. We are also looking forward to hearing the anthems he’s done with Dr. Peacock. “Halibo”, “Naarayanaaa” or Its called XTC” will surely find their way into his set.


Last, but not least, we get to enjoy the infamous local duo Hungry Beats.

After a 2-year long pause with no Imagination Festival we’re back with in full force with a lineup which is nothing like any of those we’ve seen before. 6 foreign headliners and 5 local heroes are bringing the Harder Styles heat our way to make up for the year of musical joy we’ve lost. There’s no time to lose, it’s time to get back to the source, to the music we all love the most. The tickets for Imagination Festival 2021 that takes place on 19th November at PVA Expo Letňany are available in pre-sale at GoOut network for 47 €.




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