Imagination Festival 2022: Harder Styles stage

The second part of introducing the performers at this year’s Imagination Festival is here! Today we take a closer look at all the artists who will be appearing on the Devastator Harder Styles Stage on November 25 ✊

Probably the biggest attraction for Euphoric Hardstyle fans will be the performance of the unstoppable duo called Frequencerz. This globally popular and notorious group is a prime example of the Hardstyle act that firmly represents its authentic essence. With punchy kicks, catchy vocals and cutting-edge sound design, it’s an energizing and fun experience. In addition to producing legendary hits that have been rolling the world’s stages for years, Frequencerz also founded their own label, Roughstate, alongside Ran-D, B-Front and DJ Adar, which instantly rose to the position of the absolute top of hardstyle labels thanks to the undisputed quality of their releases. You can tune in to their performance, for example, with this year’s release of the hit “The World Is Yours”, which Frequencerz produced with Radianze.


Fans of harder music will definitely enjoy the performance of the hardcore madman who calls himself N-Vitral. A member of the Masters of Hardcore stable, an artist with one of the most distinctive and developed sounds in the Hardcore field, original, uncompromising. His quest to constantly innovate and refresh the hardcore scene with crazy sound design honed over two decades has received worldwide recognition. N-Vitral celebrates twenty years since his first release this year, yet he’s always ready to drop the heaviest bombs, such as his recent release with Deadly Guns called ‘Break Your Face’.


There will be more matadors who will be performing at Devastator Stage this year – TNT (Technoboy & Tuneboy). This project by the two Italian legends is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and after their epic set at Imagination Festival 2019, we are hugely honoured to host them again after three years just to celebrate their magical anniversary. Don’t miss their unique reverse-bass Hardstyle set that will get the Devastator Stage rocking. We are looking forward to it!


Raw Hardstyle enthusiasts’ hearts will sing when Adaro appears on Devastator Stage after seven years. The Dutch native has produced and released his music across several genres of EDM throughout his career, but in 2008 he found and anchored himself in the world of Harder Styles. In 2011, he also joined forces with Ran-D to bring their collaborative project Gunz For Hire to light, with their successful hits also conquering the global stage and music charts, and appearing on Imagination in 2018. Adaro has played at basically all the biggest HS/HC festivals around the world and you have the chance to hear his solo performance in the Czech Republic again after a long time!


And these won’t be the only Rawstyle artists appearing at the Devastator Stage this year. You can also look forward to a unique versus performance of E-Force vs. Bloodlust. The power of devastating kicks, piercing screams and endlessly unrelenting energy is what makes the collaboration between these two titans so powerful and highly anticipated these days since their successful collaborative hits ‘Deathblow’ and ‘Game Breaker’. It’s this combination of the raw-oriented E-Force, who has been building and consolidating its position in the scene for over a decade, with the exceptional musical killer Bloodlust, who burst into the game under that name in 2019, that makes them one of the most exciting and sparkling duo projects in the Harder Styles world today.


Another big return to the Devastator stage will be a performance from Psyko Punkz. The energetic hardstyle titan last appeared at Imagination Festival in 2013 and has come a long way since then. His domain is timeless melodies that have a distinctive authenticity, and he is undoubtedly one of the most important game-changing artists in the music industry for many years. This project has regularly graced the stages of festivals such as Tomorrowland, Defqon.1, Hardbass and Decibel, and has been responsible for anthems for Qlimax and Bassleader, and most recently his epic collaboration with Wim Hof and Zac Aynsley called ‘The Alchemist’, as it was the closing act of this year’s Defqon.1. Let Psyko’s energy take over!


The last international act to perform at the Harder Styles Stage is a Frenchcore devil from France by the name of Floxytek. A seminal figure in the Frenchcore and Hardtek scene, Floxytek has performed all over the world for many years and this year he managed to make an appearance at Defqon.1. Floxytek has a passport full of collaborations with elite names such as Billx, The Sickest Squad, Maissouille, Tanukichi, Neika, Guigoo, Fortanoiza and many more that are sure to be heard during his performance.


The last survivor will shred Rob2Speed with his morning set. The Slovak Frenchcore legend will have the honour of closing the Devastator stage for the first time and it is already certain that he will spare no one!


The whole lineup is completed by the representative of the family Crane and the Czechoslovakian band Heavy Noizes. Both acts are among the best that our local scene has to offer and will make sure that the whole evening gets off to a great start!


During the course of the evening, there will be a number of interesting names on the Devastator Harder Styles Stage that will please all dedicated Harder Styles fans.

Tickets for Imagination Festival 2022, which will take place on 25 November at PVA Expo Letňany, are available in presale at the Boom network, currently priced at €54 / CZK 1 090.





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