Lost your stuff at Friday’s Imagination Festival? Did you recognize it on the photos below? If that’s the case, please contact us at info@imaginationfestival.cz, write Lost & Found as the email subject and send us the numbers of the things that are yours and the most detailed description you can come up with.

Please, if you’ve lost your phone, try to send us the IMEI code or at least the description of your background photos, how damaged it is, list of installed applications, contacts we could check, etc. For other things like wallets and backpacks, please indicate the bag (brand etc) and the content of your luggage.

Your stuff can be picked up at LIR Events, s.r.o office on working days from 2 pm to 6 pm at the address Prokopova 15, Prague 3 – Zizkov. Ring the bell LIR Events, 3rd floor. In case of you leaving the Czech Republic or for some reason, you are not able to pick up your stuff there, it’ll be sent to you via mail. In the case of sending the packages abroad, postage must be paid in advance (instructions will be sent by e-mail).

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