Revealing the anthems of the night: Deadly Guns, Mish and Rooler 🔥

At the heart of this musical movement are artists whose sonic prowess electrifies audiences around the world. In preparation for the upcoming event, let’s explore together the essential tracks from the three main artists headlining the upcoming Imagination Club Tour in Prague – Deadly Guns, Mish and Rooler.

Deadly Guns 

Deadly Guns is known for the power of its hardcore and uptempo melodies. Get ready for a relentless sonic assault with unmistakable intensity.

“The Gunshow”: An anthem that captures the spirit of the aggressive sound. The intense kicks and captivating melodies of this track unleash a mosh pit of emotion and cement its place in the hardcore hall of fame.

“From The Underground”: A track known for its punchy rhythm and piercing synths an adrenaline rush. It’s a track that dominates the dancefloor and leaves the audience enthralled with its ferocity.

“The Chosen Ones”: This track, on which Deadly Guns collaborated with Ncrypta, is an explosive fusion of their different styles. The raw power and energy in “The Chosen Ones” make it an unstoppable force in the harder styles.


Mish is a rawstyle star who brings euphoria and emotion to every beat, creating a distinctive musical journey.

“Rave Love”: An anthem created in collaboration with Sickmode that pulsates with euphoric energy, captivating the audience with its uplifting melodies and powerful beats. This track is a testament to the ability to combine emotion with a punchy sound.

“One and Only”: Once again created in collaboration with Sickmode, the track enchants the listener with captivating melodies and an irresistible energy that reflects a unique style.

“Time to Shine”: A track that evokes a sense of euphoria while delivering a relentless rhythm that is sure to electrify the dance floor.


Rooler, a relentless force of raw sound that commands attention with its distinctive, in-your-face approach.

“Move 2 da Beat”: an anthem that lives up to its title and bursts in with its aggressive kicks and industrial elements. This track is sure to leave an indelible mark on you throughout the evening.

“No One is Like Us”: Rooler’s collaboration with Sefa is a testament to his unique style. A relentless track that commands the listener to surrender to his unrelenting beats and raw energy.

“Too Cold”: “Too Cold” is the epitome of Rooler’s relentless approach and leaves no room for respite on its intense sonic journey.

Deadly Guns, Mish and Rooler exemplify the diversity and strength of the harder styles genre. These artists are forging a path with a distinct sonic imprint and are carrying the audience away with their popular tracks.

Let yourself get immersed in these tracks and get ready for an unforgettable night on 16.11.2023 in Prague’s Storm Club!





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