We are pleased to announce the first names of headliners that will perform on Imagination Festival. Imagination will celebrate this year its sixth anniversary and will introduce a new third stage where many drum & bass sub-genres will meet. All our fans can look forward for the best mixture of dnb and harder styles. We have prepared new names for you among who are the legends that have contributed to the development of the world scene. Here we are publishing the first of three line up phases. You can expect the second phase in the middle of August and the third in the beginning of September. Here we are disclosing some of the names of the interprets that will perform on Imagination Festival 2017:

Imagination Drum & Bass Mainstage #1

1Imag   Imagination Drum & Bass Mainstage # 1 will not miss interprets such as ever-growing Delta Heavy, Venezuelan Zardonic, exclusive versus set of Maztek with Gridlock and very talented Canadian newcomer Bensley.  

Devastator Harder Styles Mainstage #2

4Devastator Devastator Harder Styles Mainstage # 2 introduces Italian hardcore legend Noize Suppressor, Polish raw hardstyle project Regain and uptempo DJ Estasia.  

Knockout F#ck Genres Stage #3


The third Knockout Stage will feature such jumpup stars as DJ Guv, Levela and Annix, and representatives of the darkest French drum & bass called Katharsys.   Many more names will be announced in the upcoming weeks. This edition of tickets is now available: FIRST RELEASE – 40€ incl. all fee’s till 31.8.2017 PRESALE IS AVAILABLE IN GOOUT NETWORK – BUY TICKETS TICKETS & PACKAGES WITH HOTELS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN FESTICKET. OFFICIAL FACEBOOK EVENT CAN BE FOUND HERE. This year we also offer combo tickets for the ultimate weekend in Prague with Transmission, which is next day after Imagination. You can buy them via Festicket. imagination-flyer-friall-1faze-A1 (1)     See you soon! IMI DANCE