Welcome, people of Imagination!

Welcome to the new Imagination Festival website.


People of Imagination!

After last year's circumstances that forced us to postpone the festival, we are back in full force. We are happy to announce that we will meet again on 15 November 11 at the Imagination Festival.

We started preparations for the next year with vigor and determination. We want to move your favorite festival this year and make up for the extremely long wait for the next edition. 

The first steps we have already taken are the launch of the new festival website you are currently on, the unveiling of the new theme and visuals for this year's edition, as well as the establishment of cooperation with the ticketing system Easol, which in many ways improves your experience and our possibilities as festival organizers. 

We can't wait to bring you more details about this year's edition and the launch of the pre-sale in the coming weeks.

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Official event of Imagination Festival 2024

Get ready! A new era of Imagination Festival is coming. 🧿